Contemporary Jewry

Credit: Contemporary Jewry

The Melior Group’s Susan Levine and Sindey Dranoff wrote an article titled “Jewish Community Studies as Seen Through a Business Lens”, which was recently published in a Contemporary Jewry special issue on Local Jewish Community Studies.

In speaking with the authors, they described what makes them particularly proud to share this article with industry peers.

“We feel this article clearly explains our unique, consumer behavior approach to Jewish community studies, with its focus on capturing the behaviors, attitudes and interests of the participants in order to understand the choices they make,” Susan explained.

“The methodology distinguishes us because it provides our Federation clients with rich, detailed information and includes the actual words of the participants. ” added Sindey.

Article Abstract:  As market researchers, we have spent the past 30-plus years addressing the questions that impact the success of organizations in the service and non-profit sectors.  It should come as no surprise, then, that when we bring our business lens and thought processes to the field of Jewish community studies, we also bring methods, approaches, and outcomes that differ markedly from traditional studies.  Even more important than our methods, however, is the marketing framework in which we position our Jewish community studies.  As a result of our marketing mindset, we look at the issues Jewish communities wish to address, analyze the data, and then draw conclusions and recommendations based on our deep experience understanding buyer behavior, purchase decision-making, and the customer experience.  With this article, we hope to shed light on a different way of thinking about Jewish community studies, stimulate healthy discussion about the relative merits of all approaches to the subject, and contribute to the strengthening of Jewish communities everywhere.

To read the full article, click this link.