The Melior Group has hired Judy Browngoehl as a Research Associate!

If you know us at all, you know that The Melior Group has long-lasting, loyal consultants who are influential, intelligent and incredibly thoughtful.

It’s not often that we have occasion to bring a new person on board (we’re awfully selective).  Therefore it certainly warrants a blog post when we hire someone new.


We’re delighted to welcome Judy Browngoehl to the cadre of Melior professionals!


Ms. Browngoehl comes to us from University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts where she worked on the marketing team and from Hollister Creative where she served as a content marketing specialist.  An English major at Swarthmore, she also attended Drexel for her Master’s in Communications where she honed her skills in writing clearly, concisely, and correctly.  (We’ve yet to determine where she falls on the great Oxford Comma debate.)

We’re taking advantage of her awesome skills by charging her with twin responsibilities:  managing our marketing efforts (including this very blog and website, where she’ll be mistress of our domain) and joining various project teams to handle day-to-day project tasks with the goal of keeping us on time and on budget.  We need a Judy in our lives, each and every one of us.

We knew she was smart and sophisticated when we hired her…and we’ve recently learned that she gets our sense of humor, so we know she’ll fit right in for years to come.

See our latest News post about our new hire.

Check out Judy’s Bio:  Judy Browngoehl

Judy Browngoehl

Judy Browngoehl

For more information about The Melior Group, contact Elizabeth Foley who is incredibly regretful about this late blog post.  She is happy to announce that her addiction to the Summer Olympics has been satisfied for the time being and her red, white, and blue paraphernalia is in storage.  (USA! USA!)