Elizabeth M Foley, Melior Group Vice President

Elizabeth M. Foley

Elizabeth M. Foley

Vice President

Elizabeth Foley is a sophisticated consultant with over 20 years of experience. She assists organizations in the higher education, government, and not-for-profit sectors to understand the what, the how and the why on issues such as branding, new product/service development, expectations, satisfaction, and retention.

A seasoned research analyst, Elizabeth directs studies from the design stage, through implementation and information analysis, to the reporting and consulting on the findings. Outcomes are critical to our clients’ success and Elizabeth is driven to ensure that our studies are designed to meet our clients’ goals. She is a skilled analyst, fluent in a full range of research methods. She seamlessly maneuvers from quantitative to qualitative techniques, often integrating the two.

As Vice President, Elizabeth contributes to the strategic direction of the firm and handles business and administrative operations. She maintains the integrity of The Melior Group’s efforts through her continuous focus on quality control, including the application of carefully defined time management strategies and constant process improvements. She ensures that all of Melior’s projects are high quality and delivered on time and on budget. And, she specializes in developing and maintaining Melior’s online surveying capabilities.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. from Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey).

Elizabeth regularly contributes to Minds@Melior blog on issues regarding higher education, the Art of Research, and occasionally, A View from Walnut Street, reflecting on the implications of our work.

She is also in charge of this awesome and amazing web site!