LInda McAleer named 2015 Brava Award Winner

We are so proud that our President, Linda McAleer, has been named a 2015 Brava Award Winner!

As part of their July/August issue, SmartCEO Magazine honors the region’s top female business leaders. The Brava Awards program honors female CEOs, nonprofit leaders and high impact executives who combine their irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for giving back to the community. This year’s 40 CEO and executive winners collectively generate $626.5 million in annual revenue and employ more than 7,000 individuals in the Philadelphia area.

Each winner was asked to share her thoughts on what aspiring leaders should be thinking about today. Below are Linda’s thoughts on the current state of the workforce and the rise of a new type of consumer.

Workforces have changed and customers have changed… from a workforce perspective, we are looking at multigenerational workforces who have to work together and support each other to achieve their objectives. Managing a workforce that has… learned differently, that communicates differently, and that has different work styles and goals… takes a special kind of leader who can inspire and listen and adapt.

From a customer perspective, we are now looking at an often-invisible customer… someone who interacts with a product or brand via an electronic device much more often than in person. How, then, to deliver a customer service experience that allows these invisible customers to be loyal takes an accomplished leader that will think past the today and into the tomorrow.

“Brava winners possess hallmark qualities of successful leaders — vision, passion, compassion, dedication, perseverance. Each winner in this year’s class exhibits these qualities in all facets of her life, from running her business to tending to her family and donating time and resources to philanthropic initiatives,” says Jaime Nespor-Zawmon, president of SmartCEO Events.

Congratulations to Linda and all the female CEO and executive winners!

Linda McAleer with fellow Brava Award Winner, Dianne Semingson

Linda McAleer, left with fellow Brava Award winner, Dianne Semingson, right.

Linda McAleer with Sponsor Shechtman Marks Devor PCI at 2015 Brava Award Ceremony

Thank you to our sponsors, Shechtman Marks Devor PC! Chuck Shechtman, right, with Linda, middle, and Susanne Shuster, left.

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