Melior Group Healthcare


The Melior Group guides healthcare institutions—hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers, medical schools, and professional organizations—through competition, consolidation, and evolving delivery systems. Our expertise in assessing market issues and our wealth of background knowledge bring value to project planning and direction even before research is conducted.

The Melior Group was among the first research firms to assist healthcare institutions as they began the process of marketing and positioning themselves in increasingly competitive environments. Now, our depth of knowledge allows us to design and implement studies that are sensitive to the needs of our clients and the dynamic environment in which they operate. Our insights and interpretation of the results shows clients what it all actually means. Melior’s reports and conclusions often become the backbone of our clients’ marketing planning and strategy.

We offer a strong strategic focus and provide consultative guidance to clients using our long-standing research expertise in analyzing the ways healthcare institutions can modify their business and marketing strategies.

We regularly reach the following audiences:

  • Consumer populations (new parents, women and teenagers, Medicare and Medicaid recipients, special needs, caregivers, donors)
  • Medical professionals (primary care physicians and specialists, nurses, medical directors, medical staff, and other employees)
  • Health professionals (case managers, benefits managers, insurance brokers, benefits consultants)

For more information on our work with healthcare organizations, contact us.  To learn about what we’re thinking, visit the Minds@Melior blog where we reflect upon the trends on the industry.