Government/Civic Entities

The Melior Group has a long history of providing strategic guidance to organizations in the public and civic sector. The learnings from the range of client assignments Melior undertakes with our for-profit clients serve to shape our success.

We regularly work with local, city, state government agencies, energy providers and transit agencies and related organizations.

Our research and consulting assignments encompass critical marketing and business planning issues. They include:

  • Citizen/customer expectation and satisfaction
  • Community needs and quality of life assessments
  • Existing program and service evaluations, especially those related to energy conservation and weatherization
  • Brand and image evaluation, measuring attitude, perceptions and awareness
  • New program assessments, interest measurement
  • New market assessment
  • Customer choice behavior

We’ve worked with virtually every target audience relevant to public and civic work. We have considerable experience in reaching the following audiences:

  • Residents
  • Businesses, of all employee and revenue sizes and industry categories
  • Transit riders — train, trolley, bus, subway, elevated rail, high speed rail, special services
  • Low, moderate, and higher income individuals
  • Young, middle age, and senior adults
  • Minority groups

For more information on our work in the public sector, please contact us.